The Cheese

Pozo Tomme

Our flagship cheese, Pozo Tomme, is a pressed raw sheep milk cheese which is aged for a minimum of two months. This rustic farmstead cheese is allowed to develop a natural rind resulting in a rich, nutty flavor with old world characteristics. As it ages, it becomes a superior grating cheese, reminiscent of the Italian pecorinos. In 2006, Pozo Tomme was chosen for the
cheese course as part of the Wine Spectator Rarities Dinner at the Highlands Inn in Carmel, California. In April of 2007, The Beverly Hills Cheese Store awarded the Pozo Tomme first place at the American Artisan Cheese Treasures competition in the aged sheep milk cheese category. Each wheel of Pozo Tomme averages 5 to 6 pounds.


Chaparral is an original recipe with complex, piquant flavors from the mixing of sheep and Nubian goat milk. The body is unpressed, smooth and creamy, and the rind develops naturally. Chaparral reflects the “terroir” of the evergreen oak country where the sheep and goats feed. Each raw milk Chaparral cheese weighs approximately 1 pound.

La Panza Gold

This award-winning cheese draws its name from the gold mining region in the La Panza mountains near the Rinconada Dairy. The La Panza Gold rind is washed with sheep milk whey, developing a rich golden color as it ages. Evocative of farmstead Corsican cheeses, La Panza Gold has rustic, earthy flavors with fruity undertones. In 2006, the American Cheese Society awarded first place to La Panza Gold in the Farmstead
Sheep Milk Cheese category. Each wheel of La Panza Gold weighs about 2 pounds.


Made entirely from raw goats' milk, this aged cheese has a distinctive nutty flavor that pairs well with local wines. The texture is slightly crumbly, the taste is tangy and complex. The characteristics of the goat milk are mellowed by the aging process. Each wheel of Carrizo weighs 3-4 pounds.


Developed esspecially for an Outstanding in the Field dinner held at our ranch, and named for the chef of Artisan restaurant, this goat milk cheese has a pungent washed rind exterior, and a pale succulant interior. In style it is simlar to a French Epoisse cheese. A wheel of Koby weighs 1 pound.

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