Rinconada Dairy was founded by in 1999 with eight East Friesian ewes, one ram sired by a national champion, and the dream of creating handcrafted sheep milk cheese. Over the years we have expanded to include Nubian goats for mixed milk cheeses, and we added Lacaune sheep genetics from France. Heritage pigs were added to consume the whey from the cheesemaking. We have both meat chickens and various breeds of layers producing colorful eggs. Our vegetable garden provides seasonable, organic food year-round, for ourselves, friends, and preserving. A newly planted orchard will be giving us fresh heirloom varieties of tree fruit in the next few years.

Christine & Jim Maguire




We no longer make cheese. One regulation and fee too many from the State Department of Agriculture made it too complicated and uneconomical. However, we are still milking our sheep and goats. Most of our superior milk is sold to other cheesemakers, some is fed to the pigs, some to the chickens, and some becomes our household milk.  

RINCONADA DAIRY — Santa Margarita
pasture raised kid & lamb · acorn-finished pork · pastured chickens

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